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ABB推出业界领先的数字化解决方案ABB Ability™

发布日期:2017-03-17 08:58:31 【关闭】

ABB launches industry-leading digital solutions offering, ABB Ability™
ABB推出业界领先的数字化解决方案ABB Ability™

March 14, 2017 -- ABB today commercially launched ABB Ability, its industry-leading portfolio of digital solutions, at ABB Customer World in Houston.

2017年3月14日——ABB今天在休斯敦举行的“ABB客户世界”上推出了业界领先的数字化解决方案组合,ABB Ability。

With the commercial launch of more than 180 solutions and services today, ABB is unlocking value for customers in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. By combining ABB’s deep domain expertise with network connectivity and the latest digital technologies and innovations, ABB Ability creates powerful solutions and services that solve real business problems and produce tangible business opportunities.

随着今天180多个解决方案和服务的商业推出,ABB为第四次工业革命中的客户释放更多价值。通过将ABB深厚的行业专长与网络连接性以及最新的数字化技术和创新相结合,ABB Ability创造了强大的解决方案和服务,解决实际的业务问题,并带来明确的商业机会。

ABB Ability helps customers in utilities, industry, transport and infrastructure develop new processes and advance existing ones by providing insights and optimizing planning and controls for real-time operations. The results can then be fed into control systems to improve key metrics such as factory uptime, speed and yield.

ABB Ability帮助电力、工业、交通和基础设施的客户开发新流程,并通过提供洞察力和优化实时操作的规划和控制来提升现有流程,再将结果反馈到控制系统中,以改善工厂正常运行时间、速度和产量等关键指标。

The offering builds on ABB’s pioneering technology and more than four decades of industrial digital leadership. It will enhance customers’ ability to innovate and compete in the emerging digital-industrial marketplace.


“As a pioneering technology leader in digital solutions, with an installed base of more than 70 million connected devices and 70,000 control systems, ABB is uniquely positioned to support its customers’ digital transformation,” said ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer. “With ABB Ability, we are combining ABB’s entire portfolio of digital solutions and services. We are creating additional customer value by bringing together ABB’s domain expertise, advanced connectivity and the latest digital technologies. With this, our customers can achieve unprecedented improvements in operational performance and productivity.”

ABB首席执行官史毕福表示:“作为数字化解决方案的先驱技术领导者,ABB拥有超过7000万个连接设备和7万个控制系统的安装量,在支持客户的数字化转型中ABB有着独一无二的优势。借助ABB Ability,我们将ABB的全部数字化解决方案和服务组合在一起。我们通过汇集ABB的行业专长、先进的连接性和最新的数字化技术,为客户创造更多的价值。这样,我们的客户可以在运营绩效和生产力方面实现前所未有的提高。”

Digital offerings provided by ABB Ability include performance management solutions for asset-intensive industries; control systems for process industries; remote monitoring services for robots, motors and machinery; and control solutions for buildings, electric-vehicle charging networks and offshore platforms. Some of the more specialized offerings address energy management for data centers and navigation optimization for maritime shipping fleets, among many others.

ABB Ability数字化方案包括资产密集型行业的绩效管理解决方案,过程工业的控制系统,机器人、电机和机械的远程监控服务,建筑、电动汽车充电网络和海上平台的控制解决方案,以及一些更专业的涉及数据中心能源管理和海运船队导航优化等产品。

Customers who are already using the portfolio of digital solutions that are now part of ABB Ability include some of the world’s leading utilities, manufacturers and service providers, among them Shell Oil, CenterPoint Energy, Con Edison, BASF, Royal Caribbean, Cargill, Volvo, BMW and many others.

应用了现属于ABB Ability数字化解决方案组合的客户包括一些世界领先的公用事业公司、制造商和服务提供商,其中有壳牌石油、森帕能源、联合爱迪生、巴斯夫、皇家加勒比、嘉吉、沃尔沃、宝马等。

ABB Ability’s next-generation digital solutions and services are being developed and built on Microsoft’s leading Azure cloud platform, based on a strategic partnership with the software company.

根据ABB与微软的战略合作伙伴关系,ABB Ability的下一代数字化解决方案和服务将在后者领先的Azure云平台上面开发和构建。

“Building our solutions on the Azure platform means we can take advantage of all of its capabilities and add value with our domain-specific offering,” said ABB Chief Digital Officer Guido Jouret. “In effect, we are turning ABB’s decades of industrial domain expertise into software offerings that our customers can access through the world’s largest and most advanced digital platform. From being a hidden digital champion, we are becoming the partner of choice for customers embarking on a digital transformation. They can now know more, do more, do better, together. We can help them assess, automate, optimize and collaborate.”

ABB首席数字官Guido Jouret表示:“在Azure平台上构建我们的解决方案意味着我们可以利用其所有功能,并通过特定行业方案实现增值。实际上,我们正在将ABB几十年的工业行业专长转变为软件产品,客户可以通过世界上最大和最先进的数字平台访问这些软件产品。我们正从一个隐藏的数字化冠军,成为客户选择的数字化变革合作伙伴。他们现在可以一起知道更多,做得更多,做得更好。我们则可以帮助他们评估、自动化、优化和协作。”

Among the new ABB Ability innovations showcased in Houston are:
在休斯顿展出的ABB Ability创新方案包括:

• ABB Ability System 800xA – One of the solutions provided by ABB Ability builds on the market-leading automation platform System 800xA. Select I/O, a new addition to System 800xA, is a redundant, Ethernet-based, single-channel I/O system. It supports ABB’s next-generation project execution model, Intelligent Projects, which offers a range of efficiency improvements for automation projects. With Select I/O, customers can undertake major projects on a faster schedule with fewer cost overruns. It uses standardized cabinets that allow installers to digitally marshal signals instead of using labor-intensive marshalling panels. Loop checks can be done before the rest of the system is delivered, minimizing the impact of late changes and allowing for project tasks to be executed in parallel.

ABB Ability系统800xA——建立于市场领先的自动化平台系统800xA之上的ABB Ability方案之一。系统800xA 新增的Select I/O是一个基于以太网的冗余单通道I/O系统。它支持ABB的下一代项目执行模型Intelligent Projects,为自动化项目提供一系列的效率改进。通过Select I/O,客户可以更快地承接主要项目,同时减少成本超支。它使用标准化机柜,允许安装人员以数字方式编组信号,而不是使用劳动密集型编组面板。循环检查可以在系统的其余部分交付之前完成,使后期更改的影响最小化,并允许同时执行项目任务。  

• ABB Ability Asset Health Center – Among the first ABB Ability solutions to be launched on Azure is ABB’s next-generation asset performance management solution, Asset Health Center 3.0. Available since January 2017, it uses predictive and prescriptive analytics and customized models to identify and prioritize emerging maintenance needs based on probability of failure and asset criticality.

 ABB Ability资产健康中心——首个在Azure上推出的ABB Ability解决方案是ABB的下一代资产绩效管理解决方案,资产健康中心3.0。它在2017年1月推出,使用预测性和规范性分析和定制模型,基于故障概率和资产重要性识别新出现的维护需求并确定其优先级。 

• ABB Ability Collaborative Operations – This powerful solution, now being brought to scale across industries, helps customers collaborate more effectively. It allows experts to work together across organization boundaries, using the same data and analytics platforms. It focuses on such outcomes as improving productivity, reducing equipment failures, lowering the cost of asset maintenance and transforming overall business performance. This is done while maximizing security and protecting data, people and assets at every level of integration. The solution has been delivering sustainable, long-term results to early adopters.

ABB Ability协作运营——这一强大的解决方案现在可以跨行业应用,帮助客户更有效地合作。它允许专家跨组织边界,使用相同的数据和分析平台一起工作。它专注于提高生产力,减少设备故障,降低资产维护成本和改变整体业务绩效。与此同时,在每一集成层级,最大限度地提高安全性和保护数据、人员和资产。该解决方案为早期采用者提供了可持续的长期结果。

• ABB Ability Digital Substation – ABB’s digital substation provides customers in the utility sector with unmatched control and efficiency. The digital substation incorporates fiber optic current sensors and disconnecting circuit breakers to reduce maintenance requirements and the need for miles of conventional cabling. ABB Ability takes these advances several steps further by combining the latest electrical gear with digital sensors and cloud computing. The result is that grid operators can make decisions based on comprehensive, up-to-the-moment information, while predictive algorithms can improve maintenance practices and asset management.

ABB Ability数字化变电站——ABB的数字化变电站为电力行业客户提供无与伦比的控制和效率。数字化变电站包括光纤电流传感器和断路器,以减少维护需求和数英里长的传统电缆。通过将最新的电子齿轮与数字传感器和云计算相结合,ABB Ability将这些成果进一步推进了几步,使得电网运营商可以根据全面的、最新的信息做出决策,而预测算法可以改进维护实践和资产管理。 

• ABB Ability Smart Sensor – This smart sensor solution, unveiled last year, connects low-voltage electric motors to the Industrial Internet, allowing them to be monitored continuously. The solution, which can be easily affixed to a motor, transmits data on vibration, temperature, loads and power consumption to the cloud. Alerts are generated as soon as any of the parameters deviates from the norm, allowing the operator to take preventive action before the motor malfunctions. Early indications are that the smart sensor solution leads to a reduction in downtime of motors by up to 70 percent and extends their lifespan by up to 30 percent. Acting on the data to optimize the motor’s performance reduces energy consumption by as much as 10 percent.

ABB Ability智能传感器——去年推出的智能传感器解决方案将低压电动机连接到工业互联网,使其能够连续监控。该解决方案可以很容易地固定到电机,将振动、温度、负载和功耗数据传输到云。一旦任何参数偏离标准,就会产生警报,允许操作员在电机故障前采取预防措施。前期指标表明,智能传感器方案可将电机停机时间减少高达70%,并将其使用寿命延长30%。实践数据显示,通过优化电机性能,可以降低能耗多达10%。

The list of innovative and versatile solutions associated with ABB Ability continues, with such offerings as ABB Ability Asset Insight, ABB Ability Ellipse Enterprise Asset Management software, and the ABB Ability Data Center Automation infrastructure management software. With solutions like these and many more, ABB Ability will serve customers in utilities, industry, and transport and infrastructure. It will leverage the power of the digital revolution by enabling reduced maintenance costs, longer asset life, more efficient operations, reduced environmental impacts and improved worker safety. 

与ABB Ability相关的创新和多功能解决方案还有更多,包括ABB Ability资产洞察,ABB Ability Ellipse企业资产管理软件,以及ABB Ability数据中心自动化基础设施管理软件。通过这些解决方案以及其他更多,ABB Ability将为电力、工业、交通和基础设施领域的客户提供服务。它将利用数字化革命的力量,降低维护成本,延长资产寿命,提高运营效率,减少环境影响和改善工人安全。